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2008 has seen more $1 million slot machine payouts on the web than ever before, with some lucky gamers winning over $4 million! Even mobile phone gamers have won over 1 million. However, how can you maximise your chances of winning big on games like Mega Moolah, King Cashalot, Major Millions – and any of the other famous progressive jackpot slot machines?

Set a budget
Jackpot slot gaming takes real luck – and if the slot gods decide it's not your day, then you'll just have to settle for lower payout levels. So – chasing jackpots with huge bets or wagering more than you can afford is crazy! Set yourself a sensible weekly limit, with pure leisure cash – just as you would with the lottery or scratch card games. Base your gaming on the thrill and fun of progressive slot gaming – and you'll be happy whether you win 0.10 or $1 million.

Spin with pre-set wager levels
Just imagine if you played a progressive slot machine with spin values of 0.50 one week, and then played with 0.10 the next – and hit a big win playing with the lower spin size. You'd be gutted on missing out on thousands, or even hundreds of thousand! The key for all progressive slot machine players is to select a wager size that suits your bank and budget – and to stick with it. So, rather than using random spinning, set you max stake in advance! If you want to spin with more money, then wait until your bank permits you to use the value on all your spins.

Activate the full jackpot paylines
Here's the final big tip for making sure you maximise your potential of winning a jackpot payout – and just as importantly – making sure you do not miss out when you line-up the jackpot icons and still lose!

Ultimately, progressive jackpot slots generally contain an array of paylines (often up to 20+). With every spin, any of the paylines can match winning icons and trigger payouts and jackpots. However, depending on how you spin, you can end up failing to activate one or more paylines – delivering the potential to form a winning combo – but still lose! Now – just imagine thinking you've won the big one – only to find out that the payline wasn't triggered by your bet!

To activate every paylines, you must bet with the maximum allowed coin number. Many gamers choose to place their whole wager one just a few paylines, which increases the payout amount but slashes the odds of hitting a winning combo. It's recommended to activate paylines in preference to the bet value per line.

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